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A leaky roof is more common

than you might suspect. While the imagery of water trickling down into buckets may be a thing of the past, water stains creeping across your ceilings should cause an equal amount of alarm. Even the smallest of leaks can escalate into bigger problems such as mold and rotting structural components.

Trust our in-house ProSeal experts to repair your roof leakage. A thorough assessment of interior damage coupled with the determination of water penetration and vulnerable points of the roof will first be conducted. Thereafter, restoration and resealing can be done to restore your roof.

Various approaches might be possible after our trained staff have evaluated the site’s condition. We aim to provide the best possible ways to help owners achieve a long-lasting solution while keeping cost low.

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We are one of the reliable roof leakage repair Singapore companies that provide reliable roof leak repair services. Need to fix your roof leakage quick? Let us do a free inspection and onsite analysis for you so that we can provide a holistic and clear roof leakage repair costing for you.

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