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The incorporation of a reinforced concrete

flat roof design is increasingly commonplace due to the minimalistic and elegant visual appeal it offers. However, without a slope inclined by more than 7 degrees, the lack of rainwater drainage becomes an issue.

Indeed, water-ponding, or the stagnation of water due to rainfall thus becomes a leading factor in the deterioration of the concrete materials in the roof. As such, a strong waterproofing membrane system installed by professionals is essential to protect against such deterioration.

Our waterproofing methodology for a RC Flat roof is a 5 coats system that comes in grey colour high quality durable flexible acrylic waterproofing system or preform Torch-On waterproofing membrane system that ensures years of protection against water leakages to your RC Flat roof while insulating against deterioration occurring due to carbonation, acid or chemical attack. Without effective waterproofing, RC Flat roofs are susceptible to spalling and corrosion of reinforced structural bars.

What To Do If My Flat Roof Is Leaking?

The first thing that you should do is to find the source of your flat roof leak. We recommend to observe the highest level of safety if you decide to go on your roof to look for the leak. Flat roofs usually would collect a lot of water, thus do dry the area and remove any debris before you attempt to conduct a flat roof leak repair. Next, you can start to check for cracks, before deciding if you would need a professional to conduct a flat roof repair for you. If you are confident, you could apply a roofing cement over the damaged area. However, if you want to go a step further above applying a patch to cover the leak, we recommend getting a professional to perform a proper RC roof waterproofing coat to damaged areas.

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